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About us

Carver Rewind Services was started in 1988, the company was founded by John Horton who was previously a director of Midland Rewind Group. John's vision was to get back to basics and hands on repairing electrical motor and associated products.


With the business rolling in, Ken Taylor joined John in early 1989 continuing their successful working relationship forged while at Midland Rewinds.


Then in spring 1989 John asked Jim Postans to join the business as his partner, John and Jim had previously enjoyed success in both starting and running Midland Rewind Group alongside other directors. After leaving Midlands Rewind Group along side John, Jim had decided to pursue other business interests away from the rewinds industry.


Carvers then continued to grow from strength to strength, the company kept to its starting principles of getting back to basics with the partners later to be directors working on the shop floor.


In order to pass on their experience Carvers over the years has employed and trained many of their own apprentices at one stage taking on an apprentice every new academic year.





For all your electric motor needs :-

Please call us on


         01384 636072


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Services we offer

  • A.C. & D.C. Electric Motor Repair & Rewinds

  • New Motor Sales
  • Pump Repairs & Sales
  • Crane Motor Repairs
  • Slip-Ring Motor Repairs
  • Geared Units Repairs
  • Fan Unit Repairs & Sales
  • Transformers Repairs 
  • Brake Coil Repairs
  • Solonoid Coil Repairs
  • Vibrator Motor Repairs
  • Industrial Waste Disposal Repairs
  • Flame Proof Motor Repairs
  • Suds Pumps



In order to visit us

Carver Rewind Services Limited

Unit 5 Hingley Industrial Park
Providence Street

Cradley Heath

B64 5DT

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